Hiccup In Our Giddyup.

Our passage timing got a kick in the privates by COVID. Not too bad, but delivery of Wild Rumpus is now scheduled for May 1, 2022.

The two month delay is caused by some supply chain issues. Hopefully, we won’t have any more delays. I am in the process of consulting the pilot charts, historical weather patterns, and obtaining local knowledge from sailors about starting this adventure in May. My initial impression is that the passage remains a go with some possible slight modifications on the shakedown cruise. More updated to follow as I learn more.

Time Is Fleeting

Years ago Teresa and I decided to buy a boat. At that time, preparation for picking up the boat, such as making flight arrangements, buying gear, achieving all training goals, seemed like distant activities easily fit into a wide-open calendar. Then time kept marching on . . . . Then COVID . . . .

And now the delivery (fingers crossed) is just 6 months away. The speed with which our “abundance of time” has compressed into “holy crap, we don’t have very much time” is sobering. Suddenly, the need to decide where to buy stuff, what stuff to buy, and getting the stuff to the boat is a hair-on-fire rush.

And the “madness takes its toll.” (Nah, not really, this is just a throwback to the Rocky Horror for you Rocky Horror nerds like me [I’m looking right at you Elaine!!])

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