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We are the Bonders. A family that moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Tiburon, California in 2017.

First trip to Hawaii (2018)

Teresa and Scott are both lawyers. Teresa’s practice is now in San Francisco, which is what brought us to the San Francisco Bay Area. Scott’s practice remains Atlanta based, so the commute sucks.

Sam and Ella are both in high school. at Redwood High School in Larkspur, California.

To learn more about our boat, please check our Wild Rumpus here.

Sam #24 (2019)

With the move to California came some other big changes. Sam became interested in football and is now on the Redwood High School varsity football team.

Ella tried out for the football cheerleading team. Not only did she make the team, but she was the captain of the junior varsity team.

Harry (Old English Bulldog) and Sally (French Bulldog) are with us and love the new location. They go on regular walks, have a good size yard to play in, and bark at the foghorns.

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