Splash Down!!

Wild Rumpus is officially a boat! Just pics and some vids. Enjoy.

At 6am we boarded X5 hull #1 for a short trip to the harbor where Wild Rumpus was going in the water.

As we leave the V&A Waterfront we first pass under a small draw bridge.

We then finally exit the V&A through the swinging bridge, which rotates out of our way.

Those purple lights on the left are the swinging bridge fully swung over as we pass by. The blue building behind it was the old harbor master’s house. The red brick building on the right was the harbor master’s office.
Wild Rumpus is being lifted by the crane and over the water.

We got pretty close to Wild Rumpus as it was being lowered.

Wild Rumpus is in the water and the crane straps come off !!

Wild Rumpus is in the water, but the mast is still on the truck.

Teresa with Clinton, CEO of Phoenix Catamarans. He was kind enough to arrange a boat and a crew to watch Wild Rumpus splash.

Teresa’s and my first picture in front of OUR boat. Holy crap!

We aren’t sailing yet, but the process and people involved in buying an Xquisite catamaran have been fantastic all around.

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