ASA 106, Women’s Sailing Seminar, and NY

[Cue the Jeopardy music] The American Sailing Assoc. 106 (Advanced Coastal Crusinig), a Women’s Sailing Seminar, and NY all have this in common. While my smart-ass friends will definitely send me any number of technically correct responses, the correct question is, “What is Wild Rumpus!”

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Honey Badger’s New Home

Re-homing one of nature’s most ferocious beasts is no easy task. Add to that the effort to do so while cruising up the east coast of the U.S. with a compressed timeline, and the task becomes akin to dropping your kid off at school by slowing the car to 10 mph in the carpool lane and throwing him/her out the window. Luckily, Honey Badger landed on her feet and is ready to contribute to society.

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And We’re Off!

Finally, Wild Rumpus is out of the Bahamas and working its way up the east coast of the U.S. on its way to New York City. In honor of Wild Rumpus heading to the city that spawned me, taught me how to parallel park, fight, and evade the police on foot all in one incident, that smells of a mix of aging pee and sumptuous hot dogs cooked in water older than its purveyor, where America’s pizza craze kicked off, and the last bastion of big fat eggrolls that smell of burnt oil and taste like the best parts of my childhood, the title picture for this post is the kids’ table at my Bar Mitzvah from 1981. You’re welcome — you deserve it if you made it through the last sentence!

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Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Like the A-Team of 1980s fame, we, a rag-tag group of middle-aged oddballs (superpowers include mushroom foraging, spotting flowers from a distance, coding, snoring, and making lists), put together a somewhat hair-brained scheme, engaged in some prep (well, maybe a lot) boarded the ocean-going equivalent of a tricked-out van and managed to pull off a seemingly impossible task. We are indeed heroes in our own minds, and if this were the real A-Team, I’d be a middle-aged Mr. T (except for the white, fat, soft, and ain’t nobody anywhere afraid of me part).

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Fernando De Noronha — Where Sea Life Actually Rules the Sea

Not much renders me speechless. In fact, until Fernando do Noronha’s wildlife had me staring like a toddler at an aquarium, the only other time I was genuinely unable to speak was when an old friend, who apparently lost her mind, introduced me to the 250-pound pig she keeps in her house in New York City with her family. Sorry, I digress . . ., the sheer beauty of Fernando De Noronha, together with its most abundant and well-protected sea life I’ve ever seen, was truly mesmerizing. Unfortunately, this also reveals a significant bit of blogging malpractice.

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