And We’re Off

Decide to buy a boat. ✓

Decide on which boat to buy. ✓

Wait years for the boat to be near ready. ✓

Make lists including lists of lists. ✓

Train to be a better sailor. ✓

First aid training. ✓

Train on marine diesel engines. ✓

Train on marine electrical systems. ✓

Live for an unreasonably long time in a foreign country. ✓

Well, shit- everything’s been checked. Guess it is time to go!!

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Easy Hike They Said . . . .

With some time to kill, this post consists mainly of pictures of our “lovely hike.” Table Mountain is Cape Town’s crown jewel. Many hiking paths criss-cross this spectacular mountain- each giving a different perspective on the equally fantastic views. But, if you are a mid-50s guy who is somewhat out of shape and don’t’ have five hours to spare for the “easy trail” to the top, you can simply use a meat tenderizing hammer on your testicles and then google “views from table mountain.” Whatever works for you.

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From Inside The Briar Patch

A mix of good news and less than great news this week, but since embodying the honey badger, attitudes are good, and progress is being made. (Yes, I remain hung up on the honey badger.). We will spend some extra time in Cape Town taking in the sites, playing tourist, and sampling S. African whiskey. Oh, and I have some more post-safari pics from Skukuza Africa.

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Eating Simply Does Not Mean Eating Badly

My last food-related entry focused on the how-to of planning for an offshore passage. According to one reader, all I did was recommend an app. She found that unsatisfying and, although she would say she is not bossy, she demanded a more detailed look at meals. Since I am here to fulfill the needs of the readers (and she scares me a bit), this blog entry will focus more on the ingredients and meals themselves.

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