Road Trip!

As it turns out, a Sprinter van fits Teresa, Sam, Ella, Emma (our au pair from South Africa), a bunch of luggage, dog crates, and me. It was a bit of a clown car, and the route was dictated by our need to stop in Dallas, Texas. Aside from the long days of driving, the ever-present smell of fart (heartily denied by all), and a lot of crappy food, the trip was fantastic.

Unfortunately, I somehow failed to get a lot of pictures or lost them. I suspect they are scattered across devices and lost to me for now. So, this is less a blog post and more a series of mediocre pictures documenting our migration from Atlanta, Georgia to Tiburon, California.

Step one- leave our home of 20 years. YIKES.

Our chariot.

First, we had to go get the kids from their respective summer camps in Brevard, North Carolina. First stop, Ella at Rockbrook Camp for Girls.

Ella and the dogs rolled around in the grass like nuts when reunited after a month!

Next stop, the other side of the sprawling metropolis of Brevard to get Sam, where he spent a full month acting out his inner barbarian.

This was Sam’s last summer as a camper. Moving forward he would be a counselor’s assistant.
Next stop -Chattanooga with a stop at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.
Jackson, Mississippi was pretty skippable. But, since we only had a few hours there, this may be an unfair review.

Through Shreveport, on to Texas with a stop at the book suppository building (yes, that is an intentional typo. Anybody know the movie?). On the way out of Texas, we stopped in the town of Bowie just to pose with the Bowie knife statue.

Next, a quick stop in Amarillo, Texas to visit the iconic Cadillac Ranch. Harry did not care for the stench of spray paint. (My advice- get a postcard and skip the dusty stinky bit of over-rated Americana.) On the upside, we did pick up part of Route 66 and hit a cool old gas station in Shamrock, Texas, which was built in 1936.

Santa Fe was a long stop for us and one of my favorite cities. A desert city is so different than anything I experienced before and we all loved it. This and the Grand Canyon are the two spots from our road trip I highly recommend.

Next stop -a VERY quick visit (too quick) to the Grand Canyon. We drove into Albuquerque and took a small plane over to the rim. We only got to spend about three hours at a spot that really requires a minimum of a week.

Then, onto Las Vegas. Fountains, shows, good food, a million degrees Fahrenheit, and really just something we had to do but don’t care to repeat. On the upside though, Sam was chosen to go on stage at the Penn and Teller show, which was awesome.

But, the nearby Hoover Dam was super cool and interesting.

And, finally, the new home.

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