Wherever You Go There You Are

We live in the San Francisco Bay area, we explore San Francisco and the Bay Area (Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley, etc) together, we eat together and go about our daily lives much as we did in Atlanta.

But, it is all so very different too.

Lunch with Emma (who will soon return to Capetown) at the famous Sausalito floating homes. (Houseboats can have a motor and are fundamentally boats. A floating home is on a floating concrete slap, could not have a motor, and is built like a house. This legal distinction allows floating homeowners to get mortgages rather than higher interest boat loans.)

A very windy day at Twin Peaks -a real spot and not just a crappy 90s TV drama.

San Francisco’s Tiled Stairs. 163 tiled stairs created and maintained by the neighbors in the middle of San Francisco. They also donate and maintain the planted areas alongside the stairs. A great example of a community project.

Finally, a visit to Tennesse, Beach, part of the Marin Headlands. The dogs love the beach.

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