Passage Planning Part II

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I make lists as a necessity in professional life since I have numerous projects going at once, all with different deadlines and often entirely different sets of rules governing those projects. Now, I’m taking that list-making mania to a whole new level as we prepare for Wild Rumpus’s delivery in Cape Town, plus the shakedown cruise and the Atlantic passage. Every other post or so, I’ll publish some of the preliminary lists for those who may be interested. In this first installment, a general inventory list and questions I still need answered.

The General Inventory List

Wild Rumpus will be an empty sailing vessel without pots, pans, linens, towels, or really anything we will need to live on the boat. In preparation of the shakedown cruise and passage I started a general inventory of items we will want. PLEASE let me know if you think I missed something.

I remain unsure whether to buy these items in the US and ship them to the boat or to simply buy them in Cape Town. I’ll keep investigating this and report back.

2 thoughts on “Passage Planning Part II

    1. good catch, but no prize. the soldering iron should do it. also, we have a lighter on the provision list, which isn’t yet published. thanks for the careful study though. i know I am going to forget something!

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