All Work and No Play . . . .

Teaching sailing is fun and challenging but largely consists of sailing in circles (lots of them) while students run sailing skill drills. So, Teresa, Ella, and I met some other folks in St.. Thomas and went fun sailing — which means just one very big circle.

The Boat

We bareboat chartered an FP Saona 47 from CYOA in St. Thomas. Overall, the boat was very nice for a charter. The cockpit was a nice size and easily accommodated our group of 10.

The Crew

A group of 10 friends, including 4 teenaged girls. Three of the group were sailors, and the rest were damned fine bartenders!!

The Trip

Due to COVID, we could not enter the British Virgin Islands. So, we basically circumnavigated St. John. The trip was fantastic, the scenery beautiful, the sailing easy, and the company spectacular. The rest I’ll leave to the pictures.

9 thoughts on “All Work and No Play . . . .

  1. Chris Witt

    Nice photos of your circumnav! However, your blog’s credibility is going down the drain like seawater through a freshly unclogged scupper… still awaiting the Knot-A-Day award from a couple months ago.
    Mr. I. M. Impatient

  2. Jim Kellogg

    Super jealous! Looks beautiful and glad you enjoyed your CYOA charter. I think they are a well run outfit and take good care of their boats.

    1. Agree 100%. CYOA was easy to work with and the boat was in good shape. We had one small problem and they called us after hours within 10 minutes of leaving a message.

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