Bon Voyage Party

The waiting is mostly over. Finally.

For years now I’ve been waxing poetic about an Atlantic passage at some distant point in the future. And, while I’m sure y’all have enjoyed my poor grammar, barely veiled double entendre, and general jackassery, I’m confident you put up with me because there would be an ocean crossing as a payoff. Well, as is often the case, Homer Simpson said it best . . .

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of short posts detailing the events leading up to the actual departure for the passage.

Last week we had a fantastic send-off at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Thank you to everybody who joined us for Pain Killers, Dark and Stormies, and Caribbean-themed snacks. The pictures gathered by less than sober folks follow in no particular order. (Sadly, Teresa was camera shy, as were many friends who joined us.). The morning after this party, Stacey and Eric departed for South Africa.

The passage crew all together for the last time before meeting again in Cape Town. (Eric, Stacey, me, Dinna, Bernard, and Jay)
An unfortunately blurry pic including Patty, Laura, Eric, Stacey, Manuela, Christy, Rocky, and the Hamburglar? (probably Erica)
Kira, me, Nathan, and Dan

Dan, Joni, Nathan, Me, Bernard, Jay

Stacey, Rocky, Erica, and Eric
Kira, me, Bernard, Nathan, Jay, Daniel.

Stacey and Erica.

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  1. Ron Bell

    Hey Scott – if you want to be kept aboard I recommend wearing something!

    Fair winds & calm seas.

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