From Inside The Briar Patch

A mix of good news and less than great news this week, but since embodying the honey badger, attitudes are good, and progress is being made. (Yes, I remain hung up on the honey badger.). We will spend some extra time in Cape Town taking in the sites, playing tourist, and sampling S. African whiskey. Oh, and I have some more post-safari pics from Skukuza Africa.

The Briar Patch

This one is on me. Xquisite sent me an email with an attachment, and I missed it. Although we were talking about one set of dates in the body of the email, the attachment had a timetable that indicated a schedule with a July hand-over date. Somehow I missed that schedule, and it resulted in Stacey, Eric, and I have more time in Cape Town than originally anticipated.

Here we are, “stuck” in South Africa’s coolest city Cape Town. There isn’t really anything to do here other than eat, drink, sightsee, and spend a bit of time on boat stuff in the leftover moments.


The pallets arrived- very good news. On the downside, it appears that some of the items went missing. We visited the shipping agent who is holding the pallets and did an inventory, but cannot yet confirm what is missing and what was rejected when we switched from shipping to air travel. As part of the process, we med Hendrik, our shipping agent who turned out to be awesome. We had a lot of good conversation and fantastic lunch. If anybody ever needs a shipping agent in Cape Town, I highly recommend LBP.

Factory Tour Teaser

Stacey, Eric, and I trekked out to Atlantis -about 45 minutes from Cape Town- for a factory tour at Phoenix Marine (manufacturer of the X5+ and others). I’ll do a blog post about that next, but for now, suffice it to say it was pretty awesome!

A Great Dinner

One major highlight is that we had dinner with Tracey and Greg Bouah, the parent of our fantastic au pair Emma.

A Long Walk On Familiar Feeling Coast

We took a stroll along the coast (about 5 miles) passing the Green Point Light House.

The waterfront is similar to the California coast though we saw some pretty big waves!

And the winds are both consistent and strong, as evidenced by the trees. According to the tour guide, the winds come in off the coast and are reflected back against these trees, pushing them over as they grow.

While walking around the water front we spotted some cool boats too.

Kruger National Park -ish

After safari, we hung out a bit just outside the Kruger gate exploring the general area.

Visiting Bourke’s Luck Pot Holes. They think these bowls were carved by rock swirling in the current.

Next stop was “God’s Window,” a pretty epic viewing area.

And this weird rock formation is called Pinnacle Rock. The picture does not do justice to how cool this formation is just sitting in the middle of a canyon.

More To Come

I continue to work on some boat-related issues, and we have several planned tours coming up shortly. Teresa will visit for a week, and we have more crew arriving in-country over the next couple of weeks. Lots to look forward to!

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  1. Julia Day

    Big hello to Stacey. I’m following along. Since you’re “stuck” in Cape Town, hit the wineries! Heard they’re wonderful. Love the scenery. Great landscape shots.

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