A Cape Town Evening Sail

Some locals were kind enough to take us sailing. Unfortunately, as a self-absorbed dopey American, I cannot pronounce (or spell) most of their names!! But we got some lovely pics of sailing outside of Cape Town.

The Royal Cape Yacht Club

We were introduced to some local sailors who were kind enough to take us sailing from the Royal Cape Yacht Club, which has the awesome nickname “The Tavern of the Sea.” We San Francisco sailors are proud of our variable winds and wonky currents, which make our daysails and races challenging. So it is humbling to visit a yacht club that hosts races from Cape Town to St. Helena (roughly 1800 nm) and a race from Cape Town to Rio known as the Cape2Rio (approximately 3200nm).

Our First South Atlantic Sail

Sven was kind enough to take us on Nick’s boat Bolero.

Bolero was a lovely Lovranos L36- similar to a US Catalina 36.
Stacey, Sven at the helm, and Vlo (pronounced Vloy, which means flea and is just a nickname).
While sailing, we could see a fire near Bloubergstrand.
A crew pic missing just one- whose name was – I think- Schalk (pronounced skulk).
We saw these two catamarans pass us. The red one appears to be a new Balance Catamaran.
A tiny bit of swell as Cape Town fades behind us.
Some haze creeps in around Table Mountain as the sun sets.
Once the sun set, Cape Town started to light up. As an active harbor, the lights and coordination with the traffic controller are essential even for small sailboats.

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