And We’re Off!

Finally, Wild Rumpus is out of the Bahamas and working its way up the east coast of the U.S. on its way to New York City. In honor of Wild Rumpus heading to the city that spawned me, taught me how to parallel park, fight, and evade the police on foot all in one incident, that smells of a mix of aging pee and sumptuous hot dogs cooked in water older than its purveyor, where America’s pizza craze kicked off, and the last bastion of big fat eggrolls that smell of burnt oil and taste like the best parts of my childhood, the title picture for this post is the kids’ table at my Bar Mitzvah from 1981. You’re welcome — you deserve it if you made it through the last sentence!

Where We At?

Under Stacey and Eric’s command, Wild Rumpus departed Freeport and crossed to Cape Canaveral. From there, they headed up to Amelia Island and are now on their way to the Charleston Maritime Center, S.C.

After a few days in Charleston, Wild Rumpus will work its way up to New York. Wild Rumpus can be tracked live for you voyeurs out there.

Honey Badger meet Honey Badger

While in Charleston, we hope to sell Honey Badger, our inflatable dinghy (hey, know anybody that wants a good deal on a well-maintained dinghy?). Honey Badger came with the boat in South Africa and was the subject of some treachery in St. Helena. It served us well, but it is time to move on.

Our new Honey Badger is an OC Tender Carbon Fiber dinghy that awaits us in Charleston. This sweet little boat came all the way from New Zealand.

New York — the Ever Evolving

Walk into my house in Queens in 198x and tell me that someday I’d want to dock a boat in Brooklyn and that a hotel room close by would be over $800 a night, and I’d have smacked you in the head and taken your wallet. And yet, Wild Rumpus is on its way to One 15 Brooklyn Marina, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, and I’ll stay the night or two before it arrives in the Lower East Side and its reasonably priced hotels.


New York friends- THIS IS your invitation to call me, email me, WhatsApp, Thread, Tweet, X, DM, or send ear mail [additional prize if you can identity the origin of ear mail WITHOUT googling it– you’re on your honor] if you would like to hang out and sail with us during the week of Oct 1.

More To Come

In the works for you pulp-trash-sailing-thirsty folks . . . . we’ll have some adventures in NY, and we still haven’t covered the stories of the several thousand miles to cover on our path from Grenada to the Virgin Islands and onward. So, make sure to stay tuned!

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