Honey Badger’s New Home

Re-homing one of nature’s most ferocious beasts is no easy task. Add to that the effort to do so while cruising up the east coast of the U.S. with a compressed timeline, and the task becomes akin to dropping your kid off at school by slowing the car to 10 mph in the carpool lane and throwing him/her out the window. Luckily, Honey Badger landed on her feet and is ready to contribute to society.

Honey Badger History

Those who followed this blog will recall that we were stuck in South Africa for an extended period. Instead of wallowing in despair like the animal I more closely resemble,

I channeled the honey badger and “not give a sh*t.”

The honey badger was the animal I identified most with on my trip, and became my spirit animal. Oh, and this video sure did not hurt!!

Honey Badger . . . . One Tough Mutha!

Honey Badger’s first stabbing was well documented. Its second stabbing in St. John has yet to be featured on this blog but will be part of the upcoming series detailing the passage from Grenada to the U.S.V.I. Tough as she is, she survived both and continues to be a fantastic and capable dinghy.

Honey Badger’s New Home

Like many original gangstas, with age, Honey Badger turned to a more peaceful and less stabby path. Luckily, she found a great new home at Charleston Community Sailing. Charleston Community Sailing’s mission is to engage the lives of children and adults, ages 5 and older, in unique learning experiences through innovative programs to build character and promote a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

We look forward to hearing updates about Honey Badger’s contribution to society.

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