A Week Of Privilege (literally and figuratively)

In June we had the great opportunity to spend a week in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands.  Five of those days were on a boat.  Not just any boat.  A super luxurious, super cool catamaran! We spent a week on a Privilege Catamaran.

For the first five days we were on a Privilege Catamaran that was a 50’ long owners version.  Super high quality and comfortable.  For those unfamiliar with catamarans, I’ll give you the run down.  A catamaran is different from a normal (monohull) sailboat in that it uses to separate smaller hulls to sit in the water across the top of which is a deck.  (I am foregoing nautical jargon) In the picture below you can see the entry stairs at the back.

That whole area outside and under the awning is called the cockpit. Largely, it is a social area that includes a fridge and grill.  That half table folds out to be a full dining table. That is a beer and wine cooler in the center of the table.  And, up a few steps you can see the helm where you drive.  The controls for the two engines and all sails are right at that seat, along with all navigational aids.

Inside, under the awning through the door is called the saloon (like the old western movie bar where there is always a poker game and bar that only serves whiskey), which is the living room and kitchen. Spacious, comfortable, dining table for 8, plus radios, fuse boxes, and other boat stuff.

  On either side of the saloon are stairs down into the two hulls.  In the back of each hull is a queen size bed, bathroom and shower.  The entire front is the master bedroom/bathroom/shower.  Also, under all floor are access panels to storage and systems.

The master cabin is huge.  The only problem is that at 6’1”, the head height became a problem for me.

The verdict- wow, pretty awesome and confirmed that we are on a solid path for a retirement plan provided we remain healthy and all goes well (fingers crossed). Everybody loved living on the boat. Plenty of room, fun, and nobody got bored or felt confined.  (Also unexpected with four teenagers!). As far as sailing, it wa nice.  Sailing in the Virgin Islands is always fun and pleasant, so that may skew this a bit.  But, overall, the boat was very manageable, sailed at reasonable speeds for tis size and weight, and felt like a quality product.  Teresa and the kids really appeciated the lack of heeling that we experience on monohulls.

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