This is our new fangled, improved, and super-duper blog. As you can see, it is rather fancy. Please enjoy, subscribe, comment (let me know about the many typos you find, all of which I intentionally inserted to help those of you who enjoy nitpicking).

The basics of who we are are as follows:

  • I married up (way up) in Atlanta back in 1997.
  • Teresa and I are both lawyers. (She is better at it than I am.)
  • We have two mostly awesome kids, Sam and Ella (yes, we know, if you say it quickly it sounds like a diarrhea-inducing digestive illness- it was intentional).
  • We lived in Atlanta for 20+ years, developed slight southern accents, an affinity for BBQ (no, what you do on your grill with burgers, hot dogs, or anything at about 300 degrees is NOT BBQ).
  • We moved from Atlanta for a great opportunity to really advance Teresa’s career.
  • My office is still in Atlanta, though my practice is, as it has always been, national.
  • Now that I live in California and refuse to take the Bar exam, California is the one state in the U.S. that I do NOT practice law.

The basics of our boating history are as follows:

  • Both Teresa and I grew up on powerboats.
  • Teresa grew up in Florida on the intercoastal. Her family all had boats and routinely journeyed to the Bahamas.
  • I grew up in Queens, NY and gravitated toward boats. I was even in the Coast Guard Auxiliary for most of my teen years. (I taught a lot of boating classes and spent days towing folks who broke-down to safety.)

Sailing is relatively new to us.

We both took up sailing when we decided to move to the San Francisco Bay Area. Our first sailing course was the American Sailing Association 101 class in Marina Del Ray. Since then, sailing has been a big part of lives. We both completed a variety of more advanced courses. Well, I sail all the time (and take lots of courses). Teresa is always in though for the parties at the Corinthian Yacht Club!

At this point, I sail on the San Francisco Bay frequently. We also sailed in the Virgin Islands, which was simply fantastic. (There’s even a blog post about it. You should read it. Really.)

We have a whole other post “About Us” check it out too.https://wildrumpussailing.blog/about/

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