The New Blog Is Here. The New Blog Is Here.

I thought moving the blog, which is tiny and rudimentary, would be simple. I thought I was relatively intelligent. I thought I was somewhat computer competent. None of those things was true.

Well, after a lot of self-examination and realization, I broke down and sought help. No, not emotional help you jackasses, help with WordPress and moving the old blog here. It is a slog, but I am making solid progress. For now, the blog posts may be out of chronological order. I’m working on it when not working for clients, flying across country, sailing, or hanging with my lovely family.


(If you prefer the musty, dusty, cramped, and dark space of my daily ramblings, check out my Facebook page. If you want to see the butoned down version of me -check out my work page.

2 thoughts on “The New Blog Is Here. The New Blog Is Here.

  1. Alessandro

    I came here for a blog post with spelling errors, but all I found was an orthographically unassailable non-post.

    I knew the NYTimes was fake news!

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