And We’re Off

Decide to buy a boat. ✓

Decide on which boat to buy. ✓

Wait years for the boat to be near ready. ✓

Make lists including lists of lists. ✓

Train to be a better sailor. ✓

First aid training. ✓

Train on marine diesel engines. ✓

Train on marine electrical systems. ✓

Live for an unreasonably long time in a foreign country. ✓

Well, shit- everything’s been checked. Guess it is time to go!!

Hurry Up, Wait, Run Around Like A Chicken Without A Head

Well, I guess it’s official since I got the manual. (Hmm, perhaps I’ll read this one.)

The crew is all gathered in Cape Town. The pallets of supplies shipped from the U.S. (a headache I do not recommend for others doing the same thing) were hastily unloaded into lockers. Although I am not a fan of cardboard boxes on the boat (cockroaches lay eggs in the corrugated boxes), we at least confined them to forward lockers. Due to import laws, the items had to be moved from the import agent to the vessel departing South Africa within a limited time. (Honey Badger don’t give a shit!)

Chandlery supplies are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday. Meat is being delivered on Thursday. Final fresh groceries will be purchased on Thursday.

Shakedown/Training Plan

The plan is to unpack and organize the boat from Wednesday through Friday. Friday will be our first night sleeping on the boat. Assuming our tasks are done, and we feel reasonably secure that we can move forward safely -we depart on Saturday morning.

We will sail up and down the western coast of Africa. We plan to anchor out in Langebaan Saturday night. We may eat on board, but we are told the town is lovely and has some excellent restaurants worth checking out.

From there, we will likely continue up and down the coast testing systems, abusing the rigging and, of course, the crew.

Although we will be sailing we will also be running the engines the entire time to get through the initial 50-hour break-in period.

Finally, likely on or about July 12 we will sail back to Cape Town for the initial engine service and to fix anything we managed to shake loose.

Follow Wild Rumpus!!!

As we depart you can follow our journey. There are a couple of options. First, once we turn on our Garmin InReach, you can track our GPS location here.

You should also be able to follow us at The easiest way to find on Marine Traffic will be to use the “Advanced” search and input Wild Rumpus or on the app use the advanced search for MMSI number 368261470.

I think that we will also be able to set the boat’s satellite system to update locations. If I am correct, then I’ll post that once it is active.

Updates To Come

This blog will be updated as possible, but I anticipate the updates being infrequent.

23 thoughts on “And We’re Off


    be careful with the cardboard in the forward lockers, all are open to the sea apart from the watermaker locker and its stbd equivalent.

  2. Keith J

    Excited for you all! B/c I’ve been binging youtube videos with the likes of the Wynns and Delos, I can visualize all the supplies and how you find nooks and crannies to store half the supermarket! MarineTraffic is a cool site, although your MMSI is not showing yet. There are 3 Wild Rumpus’ but either you made it to Florida or NC super quick or it’s not you. I’ll keep checking. Bon Voyage!

  3. Maren Lynn Chaloupka

    Reserving unhelpful comments about uninsurability, psychiatric evaluations, waivers and involuntary guardianship for another day, I look forward to photographic proof of life as you sail.

  4. Kim

    Ahoy happy to hear you’re off and look forward to following along.
    “The beatings will continue and morale will improve when Scott’s back in the Bay. Bon voyage~

  5. Rendy (and on behalf of Bill) Nixon

    So excited for you! 👏👏👏👏
    We are praying for safe travels and good health… and LOTS of wonderful adventures!

  6. Frans and Jenny

    See you are approaching landfall in a couple of days.
    Hope you had an exciting voyage so far , lots of experiences??
    fair winds and calm seas

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