Vids and Pics Are Better Than Words

Several readers requested via comments and direct messages that I post some video from the Atlantic passage. I am here to serve.

This post is just videos and pics from the Atlantic crossing. They are posted in chronological order and unedited –so apologies for the occasional finger in the video.

The Videos

I didn’t actually take many videos. Those I have are pretty mediocre, but here they are.

Our first departure from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Our first ever sail at Cape Town.

More from the first sail.

This on our way out of Cape Town toward St Helena.

No sea-life really visible in this video, but it is funny to hear the crew wonder what the heck we saw.

Sundown from the nav table with the dulcet sounds of dishwashing in the background.

A more sedate sundown a few days later.

On the St Helena ferry from Wild Rumpus to shore.

Getting back on the ferry from St Helena and their wonky monkey-swing like system. This was super calm and easy- sometimes you literally had to swing when the swells brought the ferry up.

Jonathon, the world’s oldest animal.

Departing St Helena for Fernando de Noronha.

49 seconds of life aboard.

The start of one of my watches.

Fernando de Noronha concert on the beach.

Fernando de Noronha behind us as we head to Grenada.

Countdown to the equator.

One of Dinna’s catches.

Just another watch at sea.

And this is the end of the videos I took.

Pictures from the Crossing

Some of these may have been published on the blog already, but this seems like a good place to serve as a repository.

Me at South African customs waiting for the clerk to return from a very very long lunch.

Wild Rumpus and crew as we depart.

One of many beautiful horizons.

Flying the Wingaker.

The view while standing watch.

Dinna killing sea life.

Bloody now dead sea life.

Dead sea life put to good use.

Ho hum, the sun goes down again.

Wide shot of the wonky St Helena ferry landing.

View from St Helena. Wild Rumpus is out there on a mooring.

View of Jamestown, St Helena from up in the hills.

Napoleon”s House in which he died.

Jonathon the 192 year old tortoise.

Another of Jamestown from up in the hills at the top of the famous Jacob’s Ladder.

St Helena behind us as we head off to Brazil.

Another day, another watch.

Another evening watch begins.

Fernando de Noronha on the horizon.

From the Harbor Master’s office on Fernando de Noronha.

View of a shark infested beach.

Fernando de Noronha behind us and looking a bit phallic.

Dinna making us all fat.

Crossing the equatior ceremony.

A no-life vest doldrums bow pic.

One of my favorite sundowns.

Early morning with Grenada in sight!!

My bad ass docking upon arrival and I didn’t hardly hit nuthin!

Well, and that’s all folks.

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  1. Dorenda Nixon

    Thanks for sharing all of these! I love all the sunsets and gorgeous horizons. I think my favorite is the cliffs of St Helena and, of course, Jonathan 💜

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